Young people are under enormous pressure today; social media, exams and bullying to name but a few. UK research says that 1 in 10 young people are in desperate need of help with their mental health. We therefore need to sit up and pay attention. 


As we know we all worry at times and this, for young people, may be about things that happen at school. Rarely do children sail through school without experiencing some sort of issue. There’s also a lot of pressure to get good results, and the stresses and strains of school life can sometimes feel too much.


Using techniques such as hypnotherapy and mindfulness I can help children overcome issues that may be experiencing:

  • low self esteem and confidence 

  • poor concentration in class or finding schoolwork difficult 

  • tricky relationships with friends and friendship groups

  • exam stress

  • believing in their weaknesses rather than their talents and strengths

Educational Performance Programme  

This programme is designed to create skills for life, teaching and offering pupils mind management tools that not only will help bring about positive change to their mindset today but will also help them to develop positive lifelong physical and mental habits: remaining calm, getting the balance right, being more resilient to pressures and always performing at their very best.

Today, exam pressure and the related stress seems to be epidemic.

The programme also covers:

  • attitude and motivation

  • self-care: healthy eating, exercise and sleep

  • management and planning 

  • revision strategies 

  • preparation for exams on the day

If you’re interested in this programme the first step is to complete the pupil and parent questionnaires linked to below. This will help me understand your needs, we can then follow up on a free discovery call.

"Thanks to you A has coped really well with her GCSEs. You totally transformed her view on it all and she used all the strategies you advised. I'm so grateful to you. Thank you, you made a massive difference."                          Year 11 Mum

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