Women's Health

What exactly is women's health?

Women's health covers a wide range of specialties and focus areas and these range from cancers to heart disease to hormone balance, fertility childbirth and the menopause to name but a few.

So how can I help you?

It is vital that we take care of our Hormone Health as our hormones control many of our most basic functions from hunger to our more intricate and delicate systems such as reproduction, as well as our emotions and mood. Our entire biology is based on hormones, that’s how important they are.

The simplest way to explain what hormones are is to imagine them as little chemical messengers that are created in our endocrine glands and their job is to travel through our bloodstream and send messages to other cells and so if they are "out of sorts" our health and wellbeing will really suffer.

Are you struggling with your hormone health?


Do you suffer from:

  • hot flushes, PMT or mood swings?

  • brain fog, forgetfulness that inhibits you concentration?

  • struggling to lose weight, despite exercise and trying various diets?

  • from being tired all the time but find is difficult to get a good nights sleep?

If so my Hypnosis for Hormones Programme is designed to help you make healthier lifestyle choices.

This 4 session programme will help you to identify:

  • which hormones are most likely to be out of balance and why; 

  • which are the 4 biggest hormone disruptors; 

  • the 4 lifestyle pathways to rebalance your hormones; 

  • an easy-to-follow plan to rebalance your hormones.

This bespoke programme includes 4 weekly hypnosis sessions, plus a home support script, to encourage you  to rebalance the internal systems within your body and make those all-important lifestyle changes necessary to restore your hormone health.

For more information please do get in touch.